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“Turn Your Kitchen Scraps Into Garden Treasure”

That was the headline on the front of the catalog I received today from a garden supply company.  And they’re right!  If you have a backyard, or even a small area where you can plant your favorite veggies, don’t shove those peelings, stems, or whatever raw, organic matter you don’t use, into the garbage disposer.  Save it for your garden. CSC_0450 I keep a container on my countertop near the sink, for vegetable peels and trimmings, as well as any produce that may have been forgotten about in the fridge’s veggie crisper. Each day or two I take those veggie scraps outside, and simply toss them into a portion of a raised bed (or garden area) that currently isn’t planted.  

Use a shovel once in a while to quickly turn those scraps under, or cover them with a little soil.  When you water the rest of your garden area, give those garden scraps some water too, and you’ll help those veggie clippings break down faster, making terrific compost for the following planting season.  You may begin to see beautiful healthy worms when you turn a shovelful of soil, and the worms also will assist in breaking down your kitchen scraps into nutrient-loaded compost.  Happy gardening!