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Put It in the Garage

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The observation.  While I was out for a walk this lovely afternoon–63 degrees, no wind, beautiful colored leaves all over the sidewalks–I noticed that a lot of people have a lot of automobiles parked outside their homes. What happens when friends come to visit? Where do visitors park? Perhaps it’s the same in your neighborhood. Sure, in my area, it’s not uncommon to have more than one family unit sharing a home, and sure, we all know that those who can drive, must drive.  

 My point.  Most of these homes have a two car garage. Why aren’t two of the cars in the garage? I know they’re not because oftentimes a few garage doors are open, and many of those garages are stacked to the rafters with boxes and appliances and unused gym stuff and outgrown play things, and yes, even junk. 

The solution.  Set aside time to clear out the garage, and write it on your calendar. Assess what you have in there. Is it worth more than your automobile that’s aging ungracefully in the winter elements? Wouldn’t the car be worth more, when it’s time to sell it, if you keep it in the garage when you’re not using it? (Yes.) What’s that stuff you’re storing worth? And will you really use it later? (No.) Put it in three piles: (1) give it away; (2) donate it; (3) take it to the dump. And if you get it done before the end of the year, you can take a tax deduction for the items you donate! Go for it!

 Trust me. You’ll feel so good when you drive your auto into its garage. No more getting soaked by rain while rushing to the house. No more multiple trips from the street with heavy bags of groceries. And by getting those autos off the street and driveway, you will have added curb appeal to your home! Try it; you’ll like it. 

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